The lockdown has inspired quiz-masters all around the country to dig deep into the world of fact/fiction and compile lists of questions to challenge the best at the game. With time on our hands, what might once have been considered ‘trivia’ has become rather fascinating. Did you know – for example – that the Statue of Liberty was made of copper? Were you aware that Julia Roberts’ smile is insured for more than her villa in Malibu? Would you be interested to know that only 25% of submitted CVs get read by a human?

You may not care to know the exact age of Sue Barker or being told who was the 5th US President and it’s only when you find yourself reacting with ” good question” that you’re going to be better off knowing the answer. Often this is stuff that you didn’t know you didn’t know. What’s more, you had no idea that one day it might be important.

At the heart of Work Savvy’s mission is to teach people what’s important to know when it comes to entering the workplace. As your ‘Starter for 10’, here’s an example of the sort of quiz that we’d like you to pass with flying colours.

There’ll be others to follow until everybody gets everything right – without cheating. So that’ll be never.