For those setting out on a journey, if career advice represents the map and compass to help you navigate, your CV is the equivalent of a sensible pair of shoes.

It’s a sad fact that Life isn’t in fact a beach, and whether or not you know where you’re headed, you’d be mad to set off in flip-flops. Right? 

The picture above is one of many similar ones used by Start-Rite Shoes (est 1792), and “Well begun is half done” is one of the many captions that accompany this iconic poster. Let’s not argue who came up with it first, but if it was good enough for Aristotle who referred to it in 300 BC, and then repeated by Mary Poppins in 1964 then it’s as applicable today as it ever was. Get the foundations right and the rest is easier.  


Your CV needs to fit, with enough wiggle-room to be able to adapt to the appropriate job description.

It needs to pass the ‘sniff test’ as in, “is that real leather?”.

It’s got to say something about you. It’ll help if you feel good wearing these.

It’s got to be accurate, up to date with recruiters’ wishes and ATS requirements taken into account.

Get all this right and you’ll be on the front foot, confident and ready to go wherever the compass and map take you. 

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