At any careers fair you should be able to gain insight into a wide variety of industries and sectors, with experts on hand to explain what they do, what a career with them could be like and (perhaps) how you could go about applying for a job there. When job-explorers come across the Work Savvy desk with the “We Get You Hired” banner headline it’s a fair question to ask what we’re doing there. The point is, the job market is as competitive as any other and you need to know how to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Have you taken the right steps to optimise YOU?

CV: Don’t try and be different by invention, but try and turn what you’ve learned into valuable and quantifiable outcome. Skills acquired from academic qualifications and work experience are inferred, but not taken for granted.

LinkedIn profile: If you’ve not left a clear trail for recruiters to find, you’ll not be helping your case. Make it easy for them to find proof of the interests claimed on your CV by persistent engagement with posts, forums and webinars.

ChatGPT: Bring it on, it can be a force for good and it’s here to stay (let’s assume) but if everybody deploys it you’ll all look the same, so make sure you fine-tune your edits to rid the narrative of obvious AI-generated jargon.

Cover-letters: If given the option to include one you should do so for this lends weight to the CV and especially your relevance to the role advertised.

Research: The two main reasons why applicants fail to succeed are 1) lack of research and 2) lack of enthusiasm. Get the first right and the second is a lot easier. We can explain how to do this efficiently and effectively.

Likeability: Do not underestimate the importance of this. Plenty of people get hired who aren’t sufficiently qualified or who aren’t a proper cultural fit, but nobody got hired who wasn’t liked. There are ways to establish this.

Get clued up on ‘knowledge‘: If you never did Economics, haven’t a clue about Politics or Personal Finance we have basic modules that will arm you with all sorts of things that your employer might hope you knew already.


So far still obvious but perhaps not entirely clear how to address these gaps, so do get in touch to find out more. This is a post and not a full article, but I took the photo first and thought it was a perfect way to illustrate what is at the heart of all that we strive to do at Work Savvy.