Choose from the following modules

Life in the workplace

Review that CV and that cover-letter.  Hone that interview technique.  Know your rights as per your contract.  Understand your payslip and workplace pension. Learn how to be new, how to behave, how to engage and how to shine.  Learn the do's and dont's of phone, email and voicemail etiquette 

Economic principles

The basic principles of Economics and how they apply to you whatever your role should be better understood.  Unravel the mysteries of supply and demand dynamics.  Learn how interest rates are used to control inflation/deflation and the effect on exchange rates and the pound in your pocket.    

Accounting and Maths basics

Learn the basic standards of accounting, and how to read Balance sheets, Profit & Loss accounts and Cashflow statements. Numerical reasoning tests are a  reminder that topics such as statistics, the calculation of percentages and  interpretation of graphs are  unavoidably relevant in everyday Maths 

Money, and what to do with it

For when you have any, here's what you could do apart from spending it:  Choose between Cash, investing in stocks, bonds, derivatives, funds, ISAs, ETFs, private equity, property, precious metals, alternative assets or cryptocurrencies


Know your left from your right, and what's in-between.  What goes on in the Palace of Westminster and Whitehall.  Know the workings of the Government, the role played by the Civil Service and the Public Sector. 


It applies to us all no matter what we do, and it is as well to know how it works.  Understand the UK court system, the differences between Criminal and Civil law.  Contract Law and the law of Tort.  Mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution

Financial Markets

The role of Stock markets, Bond markets and Insurance.  Fund management, Investment banking and Corporate finance.  Valuation parameters, margins, investment styles and performance measures.  showcase a premium service.

Financial Analysis

Valuation parameters, margins, investment styles and performance measures.  

The Future of Work

Understand the role of Algorithms, the Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.  Learn how technology is changing the work environment and will shape the world of work in the future.  

Marketing - PR & Advertising

The similarities and the key differences between PR and Advertising.  The importance of Brands and Brand Management.  Useful terminology

Insurance Industry

Mega-trends that will shape the industry.  How Lloyd's of London works, with the roles described, the  terminology explained and the current state of play. 


Everything you didn't know you didn't know, from World Organisations, everyday Latin, Credit scores, Brexit, Livery companies, Renewable Energy,  Student loans and Universal Credit