"I had already successfully applied for grad schemes and was looking for some interview practice before the final assessment centres. I found the accounting basics/money sections interesting for general knowledge purposes, but particularly valuable was the specific research done re the company for which I was applying.  Through his contacts William was able to provide me with a detailed investor report as well as further information that wasn't readily available online. He was very thorough with this and I really appreciated the efforts he went to to provide me with inside knowledge ahead of my interview. Thank you" 

LW, post-graduate

"A very useful (one-to-one) session. To reaffirm some things that I thought I already knew but adding to my existing knowledge has done a lot to boost morale, self-esteem and confidence. Very well organised, clear and structured presentation culminating in a detailed look at the industry where I plan to focus my aim. I am looking forward to putting all that was discussed into practice". 

RH, Graduate

"My session with Work Savvy helped enormously as a reminder of what will be important wherever I eventually focus.  It's a practical course that could apply to just about any career path.  This has proved to be a timely refresher ahead of the job search".

WH, school leaver

"This course not only covered the essential financial/workplace knowledge for life but I was able to ask “stupid” questions in an environment where I felt relaxed and comfortable.  This would not be the case in a large group, and the one-to-one truly helped me get to grips with the basics of finance and has filled me with confidence by providing absolute clarity. 

RS, Undergraduate

 "Work Savvy is a brilliantly structured crash-course which has greatly improved my understanding of the financial sector - it is the perfect introduction for anybody considering a career in business. Based on William's experience, the course highlighted the key areas employers expect you to know, and helped improve my knowledge of a wide variety of topics. The course was taught clearly and filled gaps in my knowledge that I didn't even know were there! I highly recommend the course."   

CC,   Recent Graduate of Newcastle University  

"I needed this in order to get up to speed with what was required of me according to the job description.  Insight as to how this would apply on the job has served me well.  Follow-up with preparation for interview questions was also extremely helpful.

EL Graduate

We can highly recommend this (Work Savvy) as a link between what we learned in the classroom and what we can expect in a real job.  Areas where we lacked experience (accounting, economics) are probably going to be more important than we hoped.  To be reminded of the basics is a good way to learn what we must understand.  We would like to have been able to spend more time on the 'misc' section. Thankyou".   

AB, GP, TP, sixth formers

"The session was very engaging and insightful, leading me to look up things that I never would have even thought of.  It gave me more confidence in the topics covered and I feel far more prepared for future interviews, and there is less risk that I will get tripped up by terms and concepts I do not fully understand or had not even heard about".

NM  undergraduate

"The things I learned with WorkSavvy helped not only to hugely improve my knowledge of business and the professional world, but gave me the confidence to hit the ground running when I started my Graduate Scheme"  

ED  Graduate

"William was able to offload a lot of knowledge about the city workplace from his lengthy personal experience.  We covered a lot of ground and went into more detail whenever he or I thought it was necessary. It's made me more confident in my search for a job/internship and has pointed me in the right direction as to what I'll be needing to focus on and prepare to land one. His follow up was also useful in reminding me of the more important points made, future directions, and possibly putting me in touch with some people to reach out to. Of course, covering so much material can make it feel as though you've only scratched the surface, but I think this is the point - it's now up to me to do more research where I want to, but with a strong starting point" 

HP Undergraduate


"William clearly knows his facts based on vast experience and has no problem communicating the key messages everyone should know. He offers a vast amount of knowledge, both topical and fundamental and skims or delves depending on your familiarity with the various topics.  WorkSavvy modules help to raise awareness of the primary cogs moving the market / global economy, and how you as a person can fit into it.  You learn what’s important to know, and how you can use the system to help your present decisions and your future career path. The modules are easy to digest, and you’re encouraged to delve deeper into topics that are of particular relevance.  I recommend this to anyone who wants help understanding the direction and manner of their career path, and most importantly how to maintain it.  The guide provided will get me out of many sticky situations and will allow me to constantly explore the ‘big, wide world’ with confidence.’

HW  post-graduate